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IBT Interfaces designs Web-Apps and manufactures equipment to control all the needed resources for a live production area like TV studios, SNG or OB Van. With over 30 years of experience in interfacing different studio equipment and in adapting our hard- and software to the market needs with TCP/IP interfaces and cross network connections over the internet, we have achieved a very good reputation. It is also our daily business to create customized interfaces into new upcoming technologies like virtual studios, where for example a render engine needs to be exchanged with a backup render engine during a production. This ensures a smooth production with the IBT Interfaces switch…it system. We take care of the interfacing between all the used componets.

Currently we are expanding our business. If you are interested in being one of our international reseller or distributor for the switch…it system, please contact us.

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News update:

17.08.2017 switch...it Box

switch...it Box is a new studio and tally controller in a little box, it is small and powerful.

11.07.2016 HD SDI-DZK

Decoder/decoder added SMPTE 2031 support for Teletext, WSS and VPS.

01.07.2016 HD SDI-DZK

Coder/decoder added SMPTE 2031 support for Teletext, WSS and VPS.

01.03.2016 switch...it

Added Carbonite production switcher support with tally and label update.

02.05.2016 switch...it

Added For-A production switcher support with tally and label update

Welcome to our website. Since 2001 IBT Interfaces is the legal successor of the company IBT Nachrichtentechnik.   IBT Nachrichtentechnik which was founded in 1983 has successfully established itself in the national and international markets with innovative products in the area of audio, control, and video technology.   IBT Interfaces has its main focus on video and control solutions such as Studio router control, camera tally system and creating interface between components of different manufacturers, which do not allow a direct connection as such. With an interface and customized software solutions these kind of issues can be resolved. Furthermore we develop customized hardware solutions when interfacing capabilities cannot be obtained through pure software and standard hardware.   Through innovative developments of flexible devices and flexible software solutions, client specifications can be realized in a simple manner and are covered mostly through IBT Interfaces standard products.

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Studio matrix and tally controller The new switch...it tally and control system is constructed modular. Because of this structure we are able to subsequently implement changes into the customers own operational sequences. This new system is based on a 19 1-RU mainframe which can be upgraded to an individual system with up to six different printed circuit boards. A salient feature of this system is that as well a tally system as also a router control system with camera matching and multiviewer label and tllay control can be combined in 1-RU unit. This is very space and wight saving. Regarding large or redundant systems we can combine several 1-RU system frames through network switches to become one big unit. For redundant systems with  redundant routers, the two control port of the router can be distributed on two different switch...it system frames. This is possible with serial connections as well with TCP/IP connections. Therefore a very high operating reliability can be ensured, which even tolerates a total breakdown of one of the system frames. The panels are able to build a primary and a secondary TCP/IP connection to two different system frames in order to obtain a full redundancy of the panels as well. With the switch...it system we have succeeded to develop a compact and flexible device with which we can implement individual customer wishes into standard technique.

switch...it studio and tally controller

Switch...it Box is the new little brother of the 1-RU switch...it controller. It is light weight, small and powerful, with most of the features of the rack unit. It drives LCD button panels, web panels aswell as matrix routers, multiviewer, production switchers and a lot more.

switch...it box studio and tally controller

Actually we offer two versions of LCD button panels one 2-RU 51 and 1-RU with 17 multi color LCD keys. Both can ordered optional with 1 incremental rotary. both panels provide a TCPI/IP Ethernet connection a Serial RS-422 Port, 2x GPI, 2 x GPI out and integrated power supply. The form factor is suitable also for table mount.

LCD Button Panels for studio controller

Web Panels are browser panels. They are compatible to Firefox, Edge and Safari. The web panels are offered in different license bundles of 1,3 or 5 licenses.

Web Panel for studio controller

Touch Panels are browser based panels. They are compatible to Firefox, Edge and Safari. The web panels are offered in different license bundles of 1,3 or 5 licenses.

Touch Panel for studio controller

The custom panel layout configurator was started to be able to implement custom layouts on our web panels with buttons and rotary encoders. Actually we work on it to set it up to the new UI frontend for the switch...it web GUI configurator.

Custom panel layout configurator

Customized hardware and software interfaces. If you have a special interfacing issue, for example you need to connect two systems from different manufactures together and there is no common interface available, just call us, may be we could help you.

Customized communication interfaces TCP/IP, serial, GPIO and USB protocol convertrer

SDI HD/SD digital video data encoder and decoder for SMPTE-2031 (Teletext,VPS,WSS), AFD, video-data index.

SDI HD/SD digital video data inserter

Customized hardware and software development. From a single card to a full system with customized hard- and Software.

Customized hardware and software development



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